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At SydneyShoot we believe in creating the most dynamic and natural photographic experience to capture your moments in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Together we can catch those unforgettable instances of your journey and make them a piece of art.

We will go beyond to create, evoke and celebrate something better than you could ever imagine.

The Team

Emilio Begali
"The photo has to live alone" this is very important to me.
My passion for photography developed gradually, from a simple expression of curiosity during the academy years, to a genuine personal research about reality and ways to reveal it. A sacral respect for its natural manifestation and for the pure emotions that's born from it.

I decided to found SydneyShoot because the service we are providing belongs to all of us, our memories are so precious and they need to be remembered with dignity.

In SydneyShoot we share a common goal:
Reveal the authenticity behind every single breath.
Timothy Walker
I'm an Italian-American creative designer.
I was brought up in the arts by my father Herbert Brooks Walker (American artists) and my brother photographer Brooks Walker. They are a strong pillar of my creative process and thinking.

The journeys around the world that I have experienced gave me a positive approach to different cultures and ability to be open to innovation and diverse points of views.

I have travelled and worked in Italy USA Argentina and Australia as a graphic designer and as a part time outdoors adventure guide.

I'm collaborating with Sydney Shoots a business and creative consultant, I believe firmly in there values, and business ethos.

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